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Mobile apps that make traveling easier

December 16, 2019 Travel tips

There are thousands of travel tips, but let’s face it, no one’s phone ever has enough room to fit all of these applications on their phone. However, with this article, we are going to introduce you to some of the most important applications that can be a great help when travelling.


It’s convenient to create a special travel folder on your phone’s home page, which gathers all these recommended apps. That way, you can find them all at the click of a button.



Google Maps


Of course, Google Maps is the first on this list. There you can download destinations, so you don’t have to worry about data roaming. Google has covered the world with its pretty accurate map. Over 220 countries and territories and millions of local places to spend quality time. It shows you nearby cafes, theatres, landmarks, and guides you to bus and metro, also shows you the most reasonable routes.




Airbnb is a good alternative to hotels. An apartment with a kitchen is more wallet-friendly and much more personal. As in addition to a more reasonable price, guests can communicate directly with their host through Airbnb and get recommendations on where to go in a foreign city. Another feature of the Airbnb app is that it offers a variety of accommodation options, from a mattress in someone’s living room to luxurious private villas. Airbnb is a great accommodation option for small groups.




Uber is a secure taxi service that drives you from point A to point B with visible GPS so that you can keep an eye on the trajectory yourself. The price of Uber remains more or less the same as the local taxi service, sometimes even lower.


Like a local


Like a local is an app that helps you discover those places that are mostly unknown to tourists and where the local people like to go. Places in Like a local are marked by the locals themselves who have lived in the country for years, so you can make sure you find the coolest underground bars with this app.




The Duolingo language learning app is perfect for anyone who wants to feel like a real local at their travel destination. The app makes language learning more fun and easily teaches key expressions. Improve your speaking, reading and writing skills while playing the game! You will improve your vocabulary and grammar by answering questions in the application.


Trabee Pocket


To get the most accurate overview of your spending, we recommend installing the Trabee Pocket mobile wallet. You will probably set a budget before your trip, but life, especially another spontaneous trip, is full of unexpected expenses, and it is impossible to predict everything. You can enter invoices in the local currency in the Trabee Pocket app, and you will see their value in euros. You can also keep track of all your expenses by day and by category.


XE Currency


Travelling around Europe has been made quite comfortable for us, as most people use the euro everywhere. Our continent has countries ranging from the Scandinavian countries and Great Britain to several Central European countries where it is preferred to remain true to their national currency. What’s more, the picture is further afield, where one has to navigate with the various Asian dollars. By converting your currency into Euro using XE Currency, you will immediately see whether the exotic souvenir offered on the local market seems to be reasonably priced.




Prey is an application that lets you track your phone, tablet or laptop. If your device gets stolen, you can take control of your device by logging in with your username on Prey’s website: position, turn on the imaging feature (the phone takes a picture of a theft when he or she starts using the phone) and make the phone ring if it has been stolen near you (for example, in a cafe, on a bus, on a ship).




PackPoint will remind you of things to pack along the way. When you let the app know you’re going for a hike or a festive dinner, PackPoint keeps a list of things you might need. The app takes into account the length of the trip, the destination, activities and weather, and also gives specific recommendations.




Rome2Rio is a comfortable environment, a door-to-door search engine that displays options, prices, times and even carbon emissions! Depending on whether you plan to fly, drive, take a bus or subway. The app also offers you the option of finding one-stop-shop tickets and renting a car. Enter any address or city as your destination, and the app will display information about accommodations and attractions, as well as interesting activities on offer.




Accuweather is a location-based weather station. This is a very broad spectrum of locations; for example, you may find places you can’t find elsewhere. AccuWeather is used by more than 1.5 billion people worldwide every day to help them plan their lives, protect their business and get more out of the day. AccuWeather delivers unique weather forecasts in over 100 languages and languages and offers Superior Accuracy to all locations in the world – more locations than any government or private source.




Tinder is a known worldwide app that lets you meet a variety of people for relationship and just for friendship. When travelling abroad, and especially travelling alone, this is a great app for finding cool local people to hang out with. Tinder calls itself the hottest app because they help around 26 million people a day.