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How to spend time at the airport

December 16, 2019 Travel tips

Was your flight delayed due to severe weather conditions? You missed your flight and now have to wait several long hours for a new flight?


Such situations occur even on the most carefully planned trips and even with the most experienced travellers. However, many travellers do not know that instead of waiting for their flight for half a day in an uncomfortable seat, there are plenty of hidden activities at each airport to spend time faster and more interestingly.



Do exercises


Many airports have gyms that you can use for free or for a small fee. In this way, you can relieve the stress of travelling and do good to your exhausted body when sitting on an airplane. Larger airports also have a shower area where you can refresh yourself after a strenuous workout.


Relax at the spa


Sitting long and waiting is very tiring for the whole body. Therefore, many airports have spas that, in addition to relaxing massages, include manicure and pedicure services to take a moment away from the hustle and bustle of travel, and simply enjoy the time at the airport. 


Buy entrance to the business class lounge


Did you know that you don’t need to have a business class airline ticket to enter the business lounge? You can easily have access to the business lounge with an economy ticket for an additional fee. You might want to consider this option, for example, when you have to spend the night at the airport – many lounges offer separate sleeping areas that are more comfortable (and safer!) than an uncomfortable airport bench. In addition, food and beverage and washing facilities are included in the entrance price to make you feel fresh again in the morning.


Go outside


If you have plenty of time for your next flight, why not go out and explore the city? It is possible! Big cities in Asia even have special hourly tours for travellers with a transfer time of five hours or more, so check for such options.


Walk around


Airports are often with long, seemingly endless corridors, and the easiest (and completely free) way to get around is to walk along those corridors. This way, you will not only spend time actively, but you will also get your 10 thousand steps!


Meet new people


Travelling alone? Already bored of the idea of spending time at the airport without a chat partner? There are likely to be other travellers in the same situation as you, so take the courage and meet new people. What would be more convenient to start a conversation than a common concern about a delayed flight?